Private Celebrations at Upper Buena Vista

Experience the seamless blend of vibrant celebrations, intimate gatherings, and moments of mindful connection at Upper Buena Vista Venues, where every event unfolds into a tapestry of memorable stories under the rhythmic pulse of music and the warmth of shared dreams.


A magical & secretive portal resonant to the vibrations of the earth at the intersection of nature & celebration. Palapa is the main event space at Upper Buena Vista beneath a majestic tiki, surrounded by lush tropical trees, a place to celebrate the essence of life.

It provides shade, shelter from rain and becomes a gateway during live music performances and evenings of culture. Palapa was built by Seminole tribe members using ancestral traditions and techniques.

3500 sq. ft (under roof)
1500 sq. ft (open air)

70-200 guests (standing)
70-160 guests (seated)

Upper Loft

a unique residential set up, characterized captivating decor that transports on a journey through time with a flashback-inspired design. Every corner of this space has been meticulously adorned to evoke of a different era. Immerse yourself in the charm of the past while enjoying modern comforts in this thoughtfully curated environment.

1100 sq. ft (indoor)
Ceiling height: 12 ft.

15–45 guests (standing)
10–30 guests (seated)